Monday, January 31, 2005

Lack of posts

Just a quick note for those that check in occasionally for fresh content. Unfortunately a particularly eventful past week has kept me from posting and will probably keep me away for a while more. Last Wednesday the network went 16:9 widescreen for News and Current Affairs, which includes my new area in ABC Online. I've been working like a mad man putting out spot fires and helping to build the new publishing system while assisting the journos with their Avid editing antics. The best bit has been trying to answer questions about a new system that up until a week ago I didn't know even existed. I had a particularly bad weekend where I forgot to build the Saturday Evening news area, meaning that nothing got published that night. Even with the extra hours overtime I put in on Friday to get it finished I still felt awful when I realised what I'd done.

I spent the whole of today creating news slots for the stories to be published, making sure that every day has enough to get well and truly by and keep me out of trouble. One of the most mind numbingly repetitive jobs I've ever had to do. The worst bit was that every element was slightly different, even if it's just the difference between am and pm in a filename. One mistake can throw it offline.

Did I mention that my boss, the one that created the system, is in Sydney for two days? I felt a little out of my depth a couple of times today.

Anyway, next up is the launch of the DTV channel and I get to figure out how we're going to maintain audio levels to keep our internet clients happy while at the same time keep them at a level that doesn't breach network policy for television broadcast. With any luck I'll get back on figuring out some of this stuff, and how I'm going to teach the journos to care about editing and technical levels, tomorrow. It's going to be an interesting few weeks. Hopefully I'll get back into it soon. After Uni starts back up. Uurgh, I'd forgotten about that. It may be a while.

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