Thursday, February 17, 2005

Last.FM back again!

Back in December I wrote a small piece on the Internet Radio station "Last.FM." Well, with the current availablity of a decent Internet connection due to my new job, I find myself able to make use of the site and I have to say I'm mighty impressed!

The idea is simple enough. You create a profile and add artists that you like to your list. Once you have enough artists you can listen to playlists generated based on those choices, people with similar artists to yours, or just random playlists. Anything you love you click on the "Love" button and the profile takes it into account. Anything you don't want to listen to right at the moment you can skip and anything you never want to listen to again you can just "Ban."

I've been listening to an eclectic mix of music based on my "neighbours" playlists. According to the site my most recent tracks have been,
1. The Future Sound Of London - Quagmire
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Naked In The Rain
3. Franz Ferdinand - This Fire
4. Anouar Brahem - Peshrev Hidjaz Homayoun
5. Depeche Mode - It's No Good
6. Philip Glass - "A Gentlemans Honour" (Instrum
7. Eminem - Lose Yourself
8. Jeep Jazz Project - Feel
9. My Bloody Valentine - What You Want
10. Beaumont Hannant - Mind Colours
11. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Moon Is in the Gutter

As you can see, a nice mix. There were also a couple that I banned, but on the whole it's been pretty good at playing what I want. Best of all it's free! Give it a try.

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