Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A couple of very cool things...

...of course, everything's subjective. One man's cool is another man's crap. That said, I happen to think the following are pretty damn special for a number of reasons.

First up, the second part of the DV article by After Effects gurus Trish and Chris Meyer on Camera Control in AE7. I mentioned part 1 a couple of months ago.

As always with DV.com, registration required.

Second, via the Creative Cow.net newsletter, comes what promises to be quite possibly the handiest and most wonderfully helpful video podcast to come along yet. Video Grunt is a series of technical primers for the wonderful world of video. Created in a light and entertaining way using plenty of archive footage, host Craig Syverson intends to run through everything you need to get your head around the basics. At the moment he's looked at how aspect ratios came into being, with more to come. Let's just hope he doesn't concentrate on NTSC to the detriment of users everywhere.

Next, via Tom Coates' always interesting plasticbag.org, comes some work by his friend and colleague Matt Biddulph. Matt has captured a machinima video of he and Tom in virtual social environment Second Life making use of a modification that allows user's avatars to request items from the Web on demand. The example he shows is an avatar's ability to visually manipulate a Flickr window, showing pictures with particular tags. Interesting stuff, if that's the sort of thing that moves you (and for me it certainly does).

And finally, and quite possibly the coolest of the lot, this Coka-Cola/World of Warcraft ad from China, lovingly made available for worldwide consumption by our friends at Google Video (so that's why they sold out those Chinese bloggers to the government; to get access to this clip!)

Before I go, is this just me, or towards the end when the three girls switch back from the game world to the real world do they wind up being a little bigger (less stickfigure) than their virtual counterparts? I mean, I know that fantasy images of women have always been a little out there (read: sexist), but I guess given the ad's initial message (women breaking away from the "sexy sells" male mentality) the avatars could have been a little less stylised. Of course, it could have just been a difference in the camera position.

Problems? Having all sorts of ideas for posts and not having time to be able to give them proper attention, or for that matter to even be able to post bullet points of the main arguments. Meh, that's life.

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