Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Two good articles - Buzzmachine and PoMo blogs

Interesting thoughts from the blog tag-team of Jeff Jarvis and Terry Heaton.
(I'm sure they'd both take umbrance at that overgeneralisation)

"The problem with books, I’ve been saying, is that we give them too much respect. Because we treat them as holy objects, we are less likely to change and update the form — and that, sorry to say, leaves books behind as the rest of media must progress."

An old friend of mine who runs a TV station said the other day, "I just don't get the attraction (of social media)." This is a tough one for established people to understand, and it is especially difficult for those in media. To my friend -- and many people like him -- social media sites (e.g. MySpace) are a colossal waste of time.

Some interesting thoughts on the value of conversation and the developing media structures that make it happen.

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