Thursday, July 31, 2008

Networks plot online video assault | SMH

Hulu and iView in the one sentence?

"The fledgling News Corp-NBC Universal online hub for television shows and movies,, is meeting Australian broadcasters this week to discuss an all-broadcaster video portal underwritten by in-program advertising, a move which could stymie talks about ABC's new iView technology being used for a similar venture."

I'm not sure I would have seen iView in that role, but obviously someone did.

I have to admit, the idea of Hulu basically taking over the role of TV's internet portal leaves me slightly disturbed. I keep thinking it smacks of laziness on the part of Australia's broadcasters.

That said, ABC head of TV, Kim Dalton, gets it spot on when he says "The approach we have taken is we want our content on whatever platform is available and people are accessing. We want to be there."

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