Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My GenCon Oz schedule

What follows is what I've signed up to at this year's GenCon Oz.

As some of my friends and compatriots have mentioned, GenCon Oz is the type of event where you need a little flexibility in your schedule, so I probably haven't gone as tightly scheduled as I might otherwise. I've also not joined up for as many LARP events as I did last year, mainly due to the costuming and time required.

Don't worry Steve, I have signed up for yours (against my better judgement and sleep requirements).

A pity there weren't more Feng Shui sessions available, and minimal Shadowrun sessions available.

Anyway, if you want to join me in a game sign up quick! Early rego ends 31st August and sessions are filling up fast.

Game ID: RPG00028
System: Feng Shui
Event Duration (hours): 3.5
Event Start Date: 18-Sep-09 9:00 AM

Game ID: RPG00044
Title: RADIANCE: Lost Contact
System: Radiance
Event Duration (hours): 4
Event Start Date: 18-Sep-09 2:00 PM

Game ID: RPG00040
Title: Valley of Diamonds
System: D&D
Event Duration (hours): 3
Event Start Date: 19-Sep-09 1:00 PM

Game ID: LRP00005
Title: Warhammer: Sunset Claws
System: Systemless LARP
Event Duration (hours): 3
Event Start Date: 19-Sep-09 7:00 PM

Game ID: CCG00006
Title: Shadowfist - Final Brawl - QLD Championship
System: Shadowfist CCG
Event Duration (hours): 5
Event Start Date: 20-Sep-09 12:00 PM

Game ID: CCG00007
Title: Shadowfist - Who Wants Some? Dueling comp
System: Shadowfist CCG
Event Duration (hours): 1
Event Start Date: All conference long

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Patricia Escalon said...

Leonard, I'm flabbergasted. I look away for a few years and you turn into a media guru.