Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another NBA season over

With Dallas finally getting the Miami monkey off its back, it's time to play "2010/2011 NBA Season Pros & Cons!"

Pro: Blake Griffin finally busts out and makes people wonder if LA is now a Clipper's town.
Con: The Clippers give up an unprotected draft pick to Cleveland which turns out to be number 1.

Pro: Rumours abound Iguodala may be traded for Kaman. Imagine that front court!
Con: It's the Clippers. Nuf said. What's the over/under on Blake running into Mo during the pre-season and busting both their knees for a year?

Pro: Kevin Love sets a record for double-doubles.
Con: And his team almost sets a record for suckiness.

Pro: New York becomes semi-relevant again! And this time it's not for a sex scandal or incompetent management!!
Con: Having to put up with a season worth of Melo-drama.

Pro: Gilbert becomes Agent Zero again!!
Con: Everything else about Arenas.

Pro: Nash to Gortat on the pick and roll!
Con: Vince Carter. Again, nuf said.

Pro: At some point or another all three of those players were on my Fantasy roster.
Con: At some point or another all three of those players were on my Fantasy roster.

Pro: Gerald Wallace, Western Conference first round game 4 vs Dallas - "When people ask me what did I do in the fourth quarter, I'll tell them I stood in the corner and watched The Brandon Roy Show."
Con: Brandon Roy after game 2: “I’m not going to lie: It’s hard. My pride is a little scarred. It’s difficult sitting on the bench.”

Pro: Leonard wins back-to-back fantasy titles!
Con: No con here. It's all good.

Pro: Simmons launches Grantland.
Con: Not sold yet. It's looking promising, but we'll see.

Pro: The Mavericks pull off a six game finals victory, making Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry's tattoo, Bill Simmons (who bet heavily on six games), every LeBron-hating sportswriter, the city of Dallas, the city of Cleveland, in fact anyone outside of Miami (and the people working on the Heat Index), extremely happy. The win caps off an incredible narrative that sells the game around the world, making the product more popular than it's been in years!
Con: In 16 days it all goes down the toilet unless someone does something incredible to stop a lockout.

Leave your other season pros and cons in the comments.

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