Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ray Shaw Computer Newsletters

Brisbane based Ray Shaw puts out a monthly newsletter on the state of computers and personal computing. His evaluations are insightful and interesting, especially his comments on Windows and Microsoft.

This month's newsletter has an interesting write-up on installing XP Service Pack 2 and Microsoft's new upcoming OS, MCE (Media Centre Edition) 2005.

One thing of note for digital home and amateur video producers.

What is DRM?

DRM (Digital Rights Management or Dirty Rotten Mongrels to some) will be an ever increasing pain. MCE supports all sorts of copyright protection features including stopping the recording of a TV broadcast if the TV station tags them as copyright. It seems that whilst you can record TV and movies to DVD you may not be able to play them back on any other MCE PCs or devices if DRM is activated. It also applies to music. It wont affect home movies unless you put a copyright music track in the background.

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