Thursday, October 28, 2004

The wit and wisdom of Grinner Hester

I hope grinner doesn't mind, but I HAVE to archive these posts. They are truly great for anyone interested in video editing.
Grinner's a great, highly experienced guy who's happy to share his knowledge. Just don't ask him about "The Osbournes."

From Wrigley Video Productions Forum ---


10 Steps to Getting and Keeping a Client.

The Revolving Revolution.

The Art of Editing.

The Salary Thang.


Individual Posts

How Much Salary?

Not Enough Work?

Leaving Beer in the Fridge Overnight.

Owning Your Own Business.

Just Clay!

Lord of the Freakin' Edit!

Anyone Else Get This?

Time to Play (1)

Time to Play (2)

For a Good Time...

I'll update and add more as he writes 'em.
(update) Grinner's gone and joined the darkside. His new blog can be found here. Nothing there at the moment, but that will change I'm sure.(/update)

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