Thursday, November 17, 2005

Off-Topic - Rocketboom or Pink 5?

Hotter low-rez internet video babe (and attitude plays a part here):

Amanda Congdon from Rocketboom?


Amy Earhart from Pink Five, Pink Five Strikes Back and the upcoming Return of Pink Five?

People who know me will understand that this sort of objectification is usually well outside the way I think of women, but I was just sitting here watching Pink Five again, thinking how similar the two were, at least in character, not intelligence. That prompted the question, which one do I find the more attractive? Should anyone drop by and have an opinion, feel free to do so.

To be honest, it's probably because in attitude they both remind me a lot of my wife whom I get back tomorrow night for another weekend.

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Christopher said...

Here it is just a little over 4 years since you posted this question and you are finally going to get an answer. I’ve been following the Pink Five series since the first short film. I think Amy Earheart is beautiful. Her portrayal of “Stacy” in the Pink Five series is compelling not only because she is a good comedic actress, but because she brings a streetwise sexiness to the role that comes across as 100% believable. To be honest, I don’t know why she hasn’t gotten more work as a result of Pink Five. She is a better actress than most of the schlock you see coming out of Hollywood these days.