Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Site Mods

Just a head's up to the first serious additions to this site in a while (other than the content of course... Well, maybe not).

Over in the right hand column I've added a Flash based links box from Blogbox. This little addition is still a work in progress. Now that it's in place I have to figure out what links I want to add. They've got a few cute open source site additions. Take a look.

Also over on the right, under the Site Meter visitor counter, is a little javascript widget from Surf Tail. The idea here is that it tracks people who are part of the Surf Tail network and mentions if they've recently been on your site. By following this tail it's supposed to enhance a like-minded community by allowing you to see other sites that may be of interest. This one's still up in the air and I'll be interested to see how it progresses.

KL out.

[UPDATE] Surf Tail's out. It was already on thin ice, but today it seemed to be doing weird things and not displaying properly so out it goes.

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