Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ABC Embraces Citizen Journalism | Public Relations Institute of Australia

Anyone who dropped by the ABC's News page during cyclone Larry would have noticed some of the stuff we were doing to enhance the overall coverage, including posting video rushes and accepting and posting pictures from the audience. As a result, the Public Relations Institute of Australia had a chat with Brisbane ABC News Online boss Bob Johnston.

"On our site now, we invite contributions from the audience as a matter of course. So I guess these sorts of events focused the public's attention on what's possible. But we hope to get to a point where this is just a standard part of our news coverage, and not only for big events, not only for capital cities, if there's an event that's important to people in small communities, I mean if they can get a photo to us, we're happy to take it. So it really is transforming the relationship with the audience."

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