Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Australian Story Broadband Ep. 3a & 3b

Just taking a moment to point out that the third Broadband edition of Australian Story went up last night. This one picks up part 2 of the story of Phil Evans, the young saxophonist whose fingers were chopped off in a home invasion.

A big one for us, as we not only had to compress both episodes, but also seven additional video elements, including the interview with Phil after the broadcast of part 1, shot and edited here in the Broadband studio.

I'm pretty sure we've got next week off (after the double week production) then it's back for the 17th and the 24th. It is nice to be getting some good comments from people watching the episodes online which just goes to show that people will watch heavily compressed sound and pictures if the story warrants it.


Colin Smith said...

I find Phil's story slightly scary, only because he was attacked at his house which is on my goddamn street. If anyone's heard me rant about the morons who live in my complex who leave the security grille and garage door wide open, this is why.

Colin Smith said...

Oh yeah, and I remember the night he was attacked. The police were all over the place, searching house to house, clambering over people's fences and through their backyards. We wondered what the Hell was going on. Quite alarming, really.