Friday, May 05, 2006

No time for posts

Nothing this week. Been too busy.

Last weekend was much fun, not because of the games (although some of those rocked without limit) but rather the people I got to hang out with. Huge thanks to Col, Brad, Steve, Helga and Troy for making the weekend so enjoyable.

Collectable Card Games. Who knew they were so much fun? Shadowfist is very quickly turning into a new obsession.

Yesterday was the Adobe Fully Loaded Tour presentation. Some interesting stuff, although the video and web segments left a little to be desired.

Off to Sydney Monday and Tuesday for the New Media Systems Conference where I'm supposed to give a talk on the Brisbane facility. Then it's back to it in the build up to next Friday where I have far too many things due to comfortably name.

Back to the coalface.

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Colin Smith said...

Our pleasure. Thanks for Hypnotoading with us. :)