Thursday, March 15, 2007

BBC offshoot sets local TV abuzz | The Australian

GoogTube v Viacom? Yeah, put that on hold for the moment. This is the one I'm finding really interesting this morning.

"The ABC is an obvious candidate to outsource some of its broadcasting services to Red Bee, which began life as the production arm of the BBC and last week got its foot in the door of Australian public broadcasting by being named as SBS's preferred supplier of key production and digital media management services."

"(Chris) Howe, Red Bee's director of emerging technologies, says the goal when planning the London centre was "designing technological architecture and working systems that would be future-proof".

"And I think we managed to do it. It is not restricted to any single technology or any single platform, and it was put together right from the start as a multi-client facility."

That means it can make content available to any platform, from traditional TV to mobile phones or broadband internet services, and it can churn out services for any number of competing broadcasters."

I got a heads up a while back from some of my colleagues in Tech Services who are getting a little antsy about what might happen. Problem is, it affects me as well should scuttlebutt come to fruition.

Nothing can be done at the moment. Play it as it comes.

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