Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why Sam McKinnon should be MVP.

Ellen and I went to game 1 of the NBL Grand Final series on Friday night. What a spectacular game, full of drama, controversy and emotion. For the team to come back from that deficit and win it in the last minute to keep the streak alive in the middle of that huge crowd was great to be part of.

One thing I noticed during the game has cemented in my mind just how good a player Sam McKinnon is this year and why he has to be considered the standout league MVP.

In my opinion McKinnon didn't have a good game at all. In fact I think he kind of sucked; I got to see the Bullets play against Adelaide a few weeks before and without doubt there was little comparison between the two performances. He didn't seem to be in the offense as much, he was missing shots, he just didn't seem to be clicking. So you can imagine my surprise when I checked McKinnon's stats after the game.

18 points on 8-15 shooting, including 2 huge free throws at the end to put the team ahead, 12 rebounds, including 5 offensive, 8 assists and 2 blocked shots. His quarter by quarter goes 4,4,4,6. Consistency with a capital C that put him just short of a triple-double in one of the biggest games of the year AND (as I said) HE DIDN'T HAVE THAT GOOD A GAME!!

Heaven help Melbourne when he has the inevitable blinder in this series.

Game 2 tonight! Go Bullets.

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They got it right.

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