Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Another Federal Budget!

Well, while today was spent watching Federal Treasurer Peter Costello fielding questions about whether he'll be challenging for the Party leadership (and out on his ass) before next year's budget, the evening seems to be full of one thing: Tax Cuts! While it's true that neither mine nor Ellen's salaries are likely to be dropping in the near future, I'm still holding my opinion until after people like ACOSS and Greenpeace get their hands on it and inevitably tear it apart. The fun bit is watching the small groups, people you've never heard of before, voice their displeasure at some tidbit in order to get their heads on the telly.

And we'll no doubt be there, doing our bit to fill out their five seconds of fame.

Costello Slashes Tax, Revamps Welfare - ABC Online

BTW, the Avid/Profile problem got sorted out and I'm feeling a lot happier now. I also partook of the Interactive TV seminar. A report is forthcoming, although probably not tonight.

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