Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Let's talk TV!

Far too much information to try and describe it in any detail here.

First up Mark Pesce from the Australian School of Film and Television runs through some thoughts on the future of TV.

Mindjack - Redefining Television
Mindjack - Piracy is Good? | Part 1: Hyperdistribution
Mindjack - Piracy is Good? | Part 2: The New Laws of Television
Mindjack - Piracy is Good? | Post Script: The Swarm Manifesto

Followed up is a four page article on the future of TV from Steven Levy, Senior Editor of Newsweek.

MSNBC - Television Reloaded

Of course, with all this potential content out there for an audience to watch how does a regular Joe filter out the good from the bad? Well it seems that BitTorrent is making a move to bring you a search engine to work with their P2P software.

Wired News - Next For BitTorrent: Search

Nothing horribly new in any of it, but some interesting commentary.

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