Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Counting Down to the status quo!

FEDERAL Cabinet today made a decision on media reform, ahead of a formal announcement later this week...

End of the week! Only two more sleeps until we're told that nothing has changed!! FTA TV will continue to be protected while it ignores everything but its ever shrinking bottom line. In response it will argue that the answer is even greater protection and to just keep what they're already doing, only smaller. Callooh, Callay! Let the pigeons loose!!

See you Friday, media groovers.

I should'a read the most recent article.

FOREIGN and domestic companies will be able to freely invest in television and newspapers under a dramatic overhaul of media laws likely to trigger a wave of takeover activity.

Yeah, well we'll see how it all pans out, but other than PBL continuing to do its best to do away with the first two letters of its acronymistic name it's all turning out to be a wasted opportunity.

I still hold to what I said up above. FTA TV, as an industry, will likely remain a protected species.

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