Friday, October 06, 2006

FutureLab's Eight Truths of Innovators | Urlocker On Disruption

Michael Urlocker takes a look at Belgian marketing and consultancy firm Future Lab's "Eight Truths of Real Innovators".

"This is a thought-provoking list. Numbers 5 (launch quickly, perfect later) and 6 (watch what customers do, not what they say) ring a strong bell with me. Perhaps the most important element is Number 1, which identifies that real innovation is not a technology issue.

Companies can be helped along the self-disruption route if the following questions are raised:

  • Which aspects of the current product or service are already good enough? <--stop innovating here
  • Which business processes and products are tied to these 'good-enough' attributes and no longer necessary? <--eliminate the excess processes
  • If we were to create a new business to deliver a new product 1-2 years from now, what would be the right focus for the product and right organizational structure?
  • If we don't disrupt ourselves, will someone else? <-- the KILLER QUESTION"

Go take a look. More comment on the ABC Digital Futures convention in a bit.

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