Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gary Trudeau - The Man knows

The first actual item I wrote for this blog, after a "Hi, I'm here", was about American cartoonist Gary Trudeau and his use of blogs, internet articles, even flash mobs in his syndicated Doonesbury cartoon. Mr Trudeau has done it again, extending his push into blogging as a means of extending free speech.

[Introduced in cartoon by regular character Ray Hightower]
"Hey folks! You may have heard how dangerous it's become for the Press to cover operations OIF and OEF. Result: The public feels increasingly disconnected from the troops in the field. Solution: Let the troops report on themselves!
Presenting the Sandbox - our command-wide milblog! Starting today, GWOT-LIT has a new home, and it's exclusively at Doonesbury.com."

And so we have a simple blog interface, based on Typepad, for service personnel, and their significant others, to tell their story.

"It all comes back to me, in dribs and drabs. In the morning, I open my eyes and think of the thoughts that have bounced around the inside of my brain-housing group. And then KM6 (my wife) chimes in. She's nervous of what the future might bring, and, her being a little more liberal than I, is worried what the world might drop on us. Her eyes meet mine, and she adds one last thought to my pondering:

"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."

And then she tells me that she's proud of me..."

5 days remain in the Comment challenge...

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