Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Live from Melbourne!

Not much time. I'm coming live and direct from an Internet Kiosk at the Travelodge Hotel at Southbank, Melbourne. It's $2/15 min and just getting to this page has cost me about 4 mins.

Anyway, I'm down here as part of the ABC Digital Futures conference being run by ABC Radio. A great event so far. You can see what's been happening at the ABC Digital Futures blog. I'd love to get the accurate address, but this damn kiosk won't let me open a second window to go check, so I'll probably have to confirm it when I get back home on Thursday night. It's something like
[Edited for accuracy. Go take a look.]

Anyway, I wanted to send off a post tonight, not because I believe that anyone actually cares about whether or not I post tonight, but rather because I can and I find the concept kinda cool. What I did want to get down was a concept that I had watching the group dynamics of the conference participants milling around during breaks. Here's what I scribbled down before the third session. Hopefully I can use this stuff down the track.

Noise <=> Fragmentation

The greater the noise in a community the greater the fragmentation to facilitate communication.

The higher the signal (to noise), even if that's just clarity of voice, facilitates larger fragments within the community.

Where does signal-noise fit in?

Even taking into the ZeFrank principle (link pending, or check my previous post on the ZeFrank favourites index) of "the dirty window".

Ex, the "The Show" controversy - took the clarity of Ze Frank's voice to break through the noise to gain attention. That required necessary clarity of voice to gain ZF's attention (yelling, hurling abuse about his subject, community notification, search).

There's more to this, I know it!!!

Is it even relevant?

Lo noise, hi signal allows large communication, but surely this requires a signal people want to hear.

One other thing that has nothing to do with this.

"Community as "steering wheel" to navigate the net".

Anyway, into the last minute. More later.

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