Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sell-out claim on AFL TV deal | The Australian

You cannot begin to believe how hard I'm fighting simultaneous urges to scream, retch, laugh and point my finger in an accusing manner.

"AUSTRALIAN football rights holders Channel 7 and Channel10 are looking to community television stations in Sydney and Brisbane to meet their obligation to broadcast eight live AFL games a week and avoid a financial black hole on Friday and Sunday nights.

It is understood the AFL consortium of Seven and Ten has drawn up contingency plans to purchase air time on TVS and the Brisbane community station Briz31 if no agreement can be reached with pay-TV provider Foxtel."

As someone who was part of the launch of Briz 31 back in 94 and who heard the snide derision that flowed down the mountain to that West End studio I can't begin to explain what I think of this. Not without risking getting this blog banned.

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