Wednesday, April 02, 2008

...And we're back!

Greetings gentle reader!

Much has happened since my sign off late September last year.

The Broadband unit concluded its move to Sydney to become the "CNC" unit and has since received media coverage following the MD's announcement of a 24 hour continuous news service.

I moved from being an Adobe Community Expert for Premiere Pro to the newly created Video on the Web.

I'm enjoying my new role in the News Online development area looking at allowing quick and painless rich media creation for an institution that spans a continent.

After doing everything I possibly could to avoid the collectible card game fad that started over a decade ago, I have discovered Shadowfist and have become an avid player and collector. It has definitely changed my view on gaming.

My little boy is fast approaching 8 months old and fills me with joy every day.

Life is good.

There won't be a huge number of posts, but I should get back to using this blog for the reason it was originally designed for; a poor man's where I can spout on about what I find interesting on teh Intuhweb.

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