Friday, April 04, 2008

Someone stole my idea, Gahdammit!!

Via C|Net


The Web site lets parents set a list of tasks for their children--like washing the dishes or filling the dog's bowl--and kids can rack up points for completing the list.

Sounds suspiciously like my DoLE project of a few years ago.

It actually sounds like a great project. Nice to see it put into action, particularly given that all the people I explained my idea to basically dismissed it as "Feh, good luck getting kids to do anything!"

I think the "cash [points] in for digital gear in the site's virtual world, or for tangible goods with a few dollars from mom and dad," may be the big selling point here.

*Sigh* I guess I was just a few years ahead of my time.

Best of luck to the guys running it. And if they'd like to leave a thanks, or even a job offer, comments are open!

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