Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Unofficial Semester results

I don't know whether to laugh, cry or just strut!

I'd been told that the result for my Mapping assignment using Flash, the Domestic Load Evaluator or "DoLE" had been given an unofficial 7 (out of 7) which meant the mark for the overall subject, Interaction Design, was 7 as well. I've just been unofficially informed that I've received 35 out of 40 for my final assignment in my other subject, New Media Technologies, which puts my overall mark at 90 out of 100. That's a 7 as well.

Between this semester and last semester I've managed to notch up a cumulative Grade Point Average of 6.75 out of 7, and the one 6 I got only missed out by 2% on being a 7. Of course none of this is official until the results are published, but until that point, I'm just going to sit here with a satisfied smile on my face.

The assignments so far.

KIN811 - Visual Interaction

Final Project - Interactive Narrative "The Plantation"

KCP336 - New Media Technologies

Research Project - "Fact or Fiction"
Final Project - Website of Research Project

KIN809 - Interaction Design

Interaction for small scale social groups - "The Dark Room"
Interaction for large scale dynamic social groups - "Domestice Load Evaluator"

Update - I wound up with a 6.75 GPA and graduated last September with Distinction.

For KIN817 - Project Management I did a Project Methodology for a marketing video and got a 7.

For KIN810 - Introduction to Information Architecture I built a PHP database to help the Broadband Unit keep track of File video for use in news stories. I got a 6, because to be honest programming's just not my thing.

I then did two electives from other disciplines. ITN701 - Systems and Networks was basically a bunch of exams. I got another 7.

Finished up with a Journalism subject, KJP401 - Newswriting. The two major assessment pieces can be found here and here. Another 7.

Maybe one day I'll go back and finish up to a Masters.


Colin Smith said...

Damn dude, keep this up and you'll graduate with Distinction. QUT puts a little extra line on your degree if you get a course GPA over 6, saying that you rock the house. :D

Leonard King said...

Already pushing to maintain the grade this semester, although I've noticed it's more difficult due to work commitments, even having dropped back to 1 subject per semester.

This semester is Project Management, next semester it's Information Architecture. Boy, I really pulled the fun ones this year.