Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lost Remote: Stuff I got seriously wrong in 2005

Steve Safran, Managing Editor of U.S. TV and media blog "Lost Remote", takes a look back at some of his less insightful comments from this year.

"BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THE YEAR: The video iPod. In my six years at LR, I don't think I've made as bad a prediction as guessing it would be a minor blip. It was a nuclear explosion. What I didn't count on was the near-immediate adoption of the format by the major networks. When the original iPod was launched, there was no iTunes Music Store at all. Figuring that hardware needs killer content, I decided the video iPod was an incremental step for Apple. After all - how many music videos were you going to buy? How many podcasts did you want to watch? Turns out - a lot."

Well at least he wasn't one of the bloggers that got the video iPod release completely wrong. Now that would just be embarrassing.


Steve Safran said...

At least give me this much - I'm not one of the people writing about how wonderful and right they were this year. Boring. I prefer discussing my flaws. Much more fun. With love, from the Evil USA,
Steve Safran

Leonard King said...

I fear my sarcasm didn't quite translate. Kudos to you for the article. It was, without doubt, far from boring and great to be reminded of developments in the media this year that we all kind of got taken in by or didn't quite get correct.

Love back atcha, from the supplicant Australia.