Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rocketboom | Reruns!

For those of you yet to get into Rocketboom, Andrew and Amanda are taking a week off between Christmas and New Year's. In their regular place they're running the "best of...", starting with their first episode and showing highlights from the year. On Thursday night they'll tally the votes and proclaim Rocketboom's favourite episode.

Vote early, vote often.

Rocketboom December 26

You can figure out the rest from there. I trust you.


Matt said...

Just goes to show how much they've come to resemble television, I think...

Leonard King said...

But then, is it such a problem that some people reinvent TV for the new medium, to bridge the gap for the mainstream, while others try and push the boundaries of the vlog/video podcast? I'd much rather there was Rocketboom, with all their inadequacies, than to not have them there.

The "rerun" concept is a TV staple, but while we try and find the way to make the most of personal video production and distribution it's worth remembering that not all of television's techniques are of the Devil. The trick is to take what works and ignore what doesn't.

But then, I'm coming at it from the opposite direction to a lot of vloggers.