Monday, January 02, 2006

My first foray into vlogging? | 2005 Year in Review

Well, not really. Vlogging is something entirely different, but to that end I'm happy to think of this as a personal reaction to the events of last year.

During the rather quiet week between Christmas and New Years I took the time to edit this together. The people at work seemed to like it so much they found a place for it on the 2005 Year in Review site.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

A word of note for viewers. First up, this video is highly Australo-centric so some of it may make no sense to viewers from overseas. Second, it's a high bit-rate (464Kb/s) streaming video (in line with company policy) so unless you have a 512Kb/s connection or better you may find you get frustrated.

One thing I should mention is that this video is internet only; no TV release for this puppy and other than being able to see it in its native resolution I can't see any reason I'd want it to.

[RealVideo] | [Windows Media]

Music is by the ever inspirational Sigur Rós.

Right, 2005 is over. What else you got?

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Colin Smith said...

Nice work, boy. :)

I must say, this highlights for me at least that 2005 was a fairly shitty year for the world overall - the good stuff didn't outweigh the bad stuff. And the more I read "How It Came to Pass" in the Shadowrun book, the more I think that the world is really slipping down a very nasty slope.

However, it was a fairly good year for me. I got to go overseas - which I've never done before - to the most beautiful country on Earth. But the most important thing in my little world is the company I keep, and it only got better and better in 2005. And to wring out a cliché, I compare my situation with everything else out there and realise how lucky I am. I just hope I get to keep this way for as long as possible.