Wednesday, January 04, 2006

VisitorVille - is this perhaps the most fun interface ever?

So I sincerely doubt that anyone passing through here on their way to a more interesting blog would have noticed that this site gets its stats through SiteMeter. It's a nice, cheap (read: FREE) service that lets me see who's looking at what, how they got here, where they are in the world and how long they hang around. But then I noticed a GoogleAd at the top of the SiteMeter page pimping a service called VisitorVille. With interest piqued, I clicked forth...

The interface, at least at first glance, is just wonderful! Instead of tracking numbers and links, all the information is mapped into a 3D cityscape where the people are your visitors, buses are referring pages and buildings are your site's pages.

I have no idea if the program is as good as it claims to be. And I have no intention of spending the money on a program that would create a virtual ghost town (now there's an idea; skinning it to change the cityscape from modern day to whatever you want, like Western Frontier town, or ancient Japanese village). What I find wondrous is that we're finally starting to put the lessons learnt from games into our work tools.

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