Thursday, December 23, 2004

Actually, this guy deserves his $3m.

Coke to pay worker $3m after shooting ABC News

Apparantly this guy was shot, several times, during a botched hold up while he was refilling a vending machine. Coke was found liable because the guy had come back to work after being convinced that he'd never have to fill those particular vending machines. He'd been a victim of an attack at the same site two years earlier.

"In September the court found that Coca Cola Amatil was liable for injuries suffered in the second attack, including a pierced lung and a tongue half blown off by a bullet.
Justice Robert Hulme has ordered the group to pay damages of $2.89 million to the victim, including $100,000 to his wife and son who witnessed the shooting."


Colin Smith said...

I was expecting a little more when I saw the link called "Coke to pay worker $3m after shooting ABC News". I thought that one of your camera operators made Pepsi look bad on air or something.

Leonard King said...

Oh, all right. Chalk one up for me because I left out a hyphen...