Friday, December 24, 2004

Like to chat during your meal?


I love this idea so much.

You may remember me mentioning my last assignment whereby we were required to create a piece of technology that "facilitated communication among large scale social networks" using mapping technology ("large scale" being defined as two or more). Well this seems like it could have been thought up out of that brief.

Communication Grill Chang-tei, by Japanese artists Kou Sueda and Kouji Ishii, is an electric cooker controlled by a chat software for making Yakiniku (Japanese-style barbecue).

The conversation exchanged on a network powers the electric heater. In order to roast meat, you have to continue carrying out a chat with the person that shares your table. Once you stop chatting, the fire of the electric heater goes out. But beware, if the conversation gets too lively, the meat could burn.


We Make Money Not Art Communication Grill Chang-tei

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