Monday, June 20, 2005

BBC to launch free online video system - New Scientist

New Scientist Breaking News - BBC to launch free online video system

The BBC does it again! Not satisfied with being at the forefront of the way people get their media content, now they've announced they'll be releasing their own codec. The best bit? It will be completely free and open source using a different style of encoding to get the job done.

Currently the Beeb use Real, but as the article says this new delivery system, named "Dirac" after British Physicist Paul Dirac, will help avoid criticism of favouritism. Besides,
" 'The BBC’s business is content,' says Tim Borer, manager of the Dirac project. 'We don’t want to be hung up on proprietary codecs.' "

Word is we're waiting for the end of this year to get our hands on it.

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