Tuesday, June 28, 2005

File sharing hit by US court defeat.

Stupid. Just stupid.

File sharing hit by US court defeat. 28/06/2005. ABC News Online

You know that old adage "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"? It seems they were wrong.

The thing that really annoys me is the greedy hoarders that brought us here, both the file sharers and the music companies.

Recording labels and movie studios said the copying has hurt their sales.

Revenues in the recording industry have plunged by about 25 per cent since file-sharing networks emerged in 1999, though the industry posted a slight sales increase last year.

Give us something we want to listen to in a form we want to listen to it in and maybe we'll take an interest.

On a lighter note, I'm always chuffed by the coincidence that music sales dropped the year my wife (to be) stopped me walking into music stores and coming out $500 lighter. I don't like to think that this whole thing is my fault, but the evidence is there...

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