Monday, June 20, 2005 Big Shot Rob Comes Through Again

So I'm reading through's Marc Stein's article on the NBA finals and he gets to this bit on Robert Horry.

"He really hasn't had a moment worthy of the nickname Big Shot Rob -- or Big Shot Bob, depending on your preference -- through the first four games.

Without any fourth-quarter drama through four games, mind you, there hasn't been a stage for the usual Horry Story.

I'd say he's due for a killer three or something else clutch, just as this series has to give us a nail-biter eventually."

So what happens in tonight's game? Big Shot Rob Comes Through Again

I don't know if that counts as psychic ability given Horry's history of doing exactly this thing (Rasheed Wallace! What were you thinking of leaving Horry at the 3 point line? With 9 seconds left on the clock in OT? In game 5 of the fricking finals? Quite possibly the meltdown moment of the season).

[Edit] O.K., to be fair that award went to Artest almost before the season had got started. Let's just call this the meltdown of the series. [/edit]

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