Thursday, July 14, 2005

Google Earth and the cool things you can do with it...

Have I mentioned Google Earth yet? Surely I've mentioned Google Earth. I haven't mentioned Google Earth yet? What's wrong with me?!?

If you've got a decent connection, go and get yourself a copy and enjoy flying around the world.

Moreover, you can go to the ABC website and download their extension to turn it into an interactive flythrough and slideshow of the London Bombings.

London bombings: ABC News Map. 08/07/2005. ABC News Online

Go to it! You have nothing to lose but your download quota.


Tim Madden said...

well well, looky who we have here, nice to see some fellow new media bloggers. nice one leonard!

Leonard King said...

Thanks for dropping by Tim. It's not like this place sees a lot of traffic so most of the time I'm just writing for myself. Feel free to post appropriate comments if there's anything that takes your fancy.

Tim said...

pleasure, will do. I know how much of an echo blog posts can make.