Thursday, July 21, 2005

Let us grind them into dust!

From BBC New Media's Creative Director, Matt Locke, a re-issue of the speech he gave at the launch of the Creative Archive License Group launch. Inspiring stuff.

“Vast amounts of the knowledge and creative output of the last century is fated to turn to dust. Through technology we can blow off the dust and liberate these archives. Content can become the starting point for new stories instead of the final resting place for old ones.”

"Film and television now has the chance to embrace its own moment of creative entropy. Whilst the Hollywood studios try to sustain an artificial life for the reels and tapes in its archives, outside there are many projects that are trying to do the opposite. There is a race on to find a new aesthetics for the moving image, but the guardians of the last century’s cultural output are refusing to take part, trying to set limits on future creative expression."

Test: Let us grind them into dust!

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