Friday, July 08, 2005

Thank you Morgan Freeman!

If for no other reason than to get my mind of my last post.

"Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman is teaming up with Intel to launch an online movie-download site that aims to pull users away from illegal downloads of first-run films.

"We're going to bypass what the music industry had to come up with, and that's to get ahead of the whole piracy thing," Freeman told reporters...

Nizar Allibhoy, CEO of ClickStar, said it will distribute first-run, commercial feature films. He said the company wants to give fans access to great content earlier than the current release schedule, and give artists the ability to connect directly with fans around the world.

Allibhoy said he was not worried that releasing films the same day they hit theaters will have a detrimental effect.

"You cannot replicate the theater experience anywhere else," Allibhoy said. "It's a social experience, it's not just the film. We don't really see this as having a negative effect on (movie theaters). We see this as being yet another distribution outlet." "

Wired News: Freeman Bringing Films to Net

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