Friday, July 08, 2005

Plan 9 From Outer Space - Get your download quotas ready!!!

The Internet Archive proudly presents the classic "worst movie ever made," Plan 9 From Outer Space by Edward D Wood Jr.

Go, stupid humans. Download and enjoy!

Internet Archive: Details: Plan 9 From Outer Space

Of course, the beauty of all this is that I found the link from We Make Money Not Art who in turn got it from Screenhead who in turn got it from Eye of the Goof who discovered it from a German weblog, Filmtagebuch. God I love the Internet...


Colin Smith said...

Poo. It's no longer available.

Unbelieveably, I've never seen it in its entirety. Looks like I may have to either rent it, or borrow it from Brad D or something.

Leonard King said...

No worries. I scored a copy. We'll figure out some way to get it to you, possibly over the big weekend.