Friday, October 21, 2005

1st Birthday celebrations!!!

I let a rather important event pass by unnoticed.

It was 1 year ago that I stumbled in here and thought, "Hey, why not. Everyone else is doing it. Let's see what all the fuss is about." Since then this site has achieved almost nothing of value, other than to act as huge "Favourites" folder for whacky stuff I find during my internet wanderings. But then, I never really expected it be much else.

I don't use it as a "voice of citizen journalism" site. I'll leave that to those with more training in the subject than I. And while I have used it on occasion to express opinion, I've tried not to get into too much of a habit.

One thing that has happened, is that we've almost reached 2000 visitors, even though the majority seem to have been as a result of spammers and random passers-by. In fact, the ratio of spam to legitimate comment has gotten so bad that I'm thinking of switching off the comments altogether.

I really meant it when I said "Death to all Spammers!"

Then there's the ratio of Splogs to legitimate blogs on Blogger, which has caused more than a few places to ban Blogger sites from their search engines.

Fighting a losing battle here and no real fervour to continue the cause. The only thing keeping me here is inertia.

Happy birthday. Wheee!


Amanda said...

I like to read your journal...not comment. But I am here :)

Leonard King said...

Well Amanda it's nice to know someone's reading this besides me. I'm not sure exactly why anyone would, but it's nice nonetheless.