Friday, October 14, 2005

How Bob Iger Saved Network TV - Blog Maverick

On the back of the big announcement of the video iPod yesterday, Mark Cuban runs through is thoughts on how Bob Iger, new CEO of Disney, "saved Network TV" with his decision to make certain programs available for download on the newly refurbished iTunes the day after they go to air in the States.

Doesn't help those of us in the "undeveloped" world who'll still be waiting (and waiting, and waiting...)

"Content has been available for download for years and years. That content could be played on any number of devices, from computers to DVD players to PDAs. Being able to playback a video from the new Video Ipod just like you can play a song from a current IPod, certainly is not a technical marvel.

It is a business marvel. Bob Iger has gone contrary to what every current and previous TV network head has and would have done had Bob not turned the industry on its head with his announcement with Apple yesterday. Bob Iger has saved Network TV.

How ?

By completely changing the economic model."

How Bob Iger Saved Network TV - Blog Maverick -

The moment it was announced, we here at work started thinking about how we'd need to change things to start "vodcasting." Let's face it, there's no point being left behind, especially when the lovely people from Rocketboom made Steve's presentation of iTunes.

Of course, for the other side of the Video iPod debate, you can always rely on those grumpy pommy bastards at The Register to have their say (and say it well).

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