Saturday, October 29, 2005

Web Two Point Oh!

Via XyroX

You've no doubt heard that most latest of buzzwords doing the rounds, "Web 2.0". The idea is that the post-bubble internet is a tool to assist society through collaborative folksonomies, open-source everything, tags, XML, love and bubbles.

Oh yeah, there's cash to be made as well.

So if you're keen to get capital for your very own Web 2.0 company, but all you're lacking is a name and a business idea, this page can help you get started! With every reload, millions of dollars of ideas flow off its page! Now THAT'S Web 2.0 in action; helping users help themselves (to big piles of steaming cash).

Web Two Point Oh!

I should take this opportunity to point out that the above was written as farce. The referred page is a joke. A nifty one, but a joke nonetheless. It WILL NOT make you tons of money. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to register "Goohub", my new business for "rss-based shopping via XML".

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