Saturday, August 13, 2005

Adventures in the Second Person -

This little piece is something that tickles my fancy. I'll let the author explain it.

"Here's a little demo I made in Blender and Python that represents one configuration: the second person as a displacement of agency and as a crisis of control - a Dislocative Media if you like.

The first person perspective has always been priveledged with the pointillism (or synchronicity) of a physiology that travels with the will in some shape or form, 'I act from where I perceive' and 'I am on the inside looking out'. In this little experiment however, you are on the outside looking in, and to my great amusement, it's a complete and total pain in the arse.

The object of the game? Shoot yourself to live!"

It's still a bit buggy but the author says they'll be continuing work on the project and updating as it goes. For me, the idea of a second-person shooter just blows away conceptions of agency in a mediated environment like a video game. To me and my warped mind that's just fascinating stuff.

[Update:] The author has now updated the Windows version so the bot works and responds to being shot at.[/Update]

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