Wednesday, August 03, 2005

TheForce.Net - Lucas On The TV Shows

Quite apart from the keen value of a Star Wars TV show, my attention was drawn by this particular quote.

"Lucas said he'll shoot the series on a Sony digital camera system that anyone can buy at an electronics store."

That opens up a whole new world of genre ideas. Imagine "Star Wars Mythbusters!"

"Now Jame E Wan, we're going to test the "myth" that an R2 model astromech droid can travel unharmed through the Jungland Wastes after you take off it's restraining bolt."

"Well I can't understand why any logical creature would remove a restraining bolt on an R2 unit to begin with when everyone knows they were such a frisky model. I'd say without a doubt that this myth's busted."

Of course, someone's already done Imperial Chopper.

TheForce.Net - Latest News - Lucas On The TV Shows


Colin Smith said...

There's also a rumour floating around that he's shooting it in Fox Studios, Sydney, the same place he did principal photography for the prequels.

Time to beg, plead and lick my agent's boots for a part in that.

Leonard King said...

Now THAT would be super cool. Start bugging him NOW!