Monday, August 08, 2005

Doug Rushkoff: Renaissance Prospects - Odeo

I don't think any of our loyal readers will be surprised when I admit that I enjoy reading or listening to Douglas Rushkoff. Not necessarily because I subscribe to each and every one of his views, but rather because I find his view of the possibilities for the world inspiring, even when he's decribing the world at its worst.

Last year Rushkoff delivered a speech to the Pop!Tech 2004 (Renaissance Prospects) gathering. You can download the MP3 of his address below. In it, Rushkoff looks at a topic he's been pursuing quite a bit of late; the idea that the world is on the cusp of going through a new Renaissance rather than a Revolution. It's an interesting 45 minutes where he asks his listeners to think a little outside the norm.

Odeo: Doug Rushkoff: Renaissance Prospects

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