Thursday, August 18, 2005

Motorcycle Meditations...

Some things that passed through my mind on the way into work.

Crass bumper sticker of the week award goes to this one. Created using the same rainbow reflective material that you see "Magic Happens" or "Girls Can Do Anything!" or "I Brake for Unicorns" stickers;

"Keep the Earth Clean
It's not Uranus!"

O.K., well a 4.6 for presentation, but MINUS SEVERAL MILLION for class.

"Ooh! I'm environmentally aware, AND saucily witty."

I understand that I'm a resident of the Earth, a Global citizen, part of a race that's 6 billion strong. My brothers and sisters are the people of this planet, regardless of colour, culture or creed. Between us there's nothing we cannot achieve if we think with a common purpose.

I know that I am from the South side of Brisbane. I make fun of people from the North as idiots and from the West as snobs. The East doesn't even warrant a mention. Sydney, Melbourne, etc, may as well be on another planet.

Time to get my proverbial straightened out.

Had some more ideas for my long anticipated "Return to Bug City" SR game. Good ones too, not just crappy throwaway stuff. This material works nicely to add another level to the Prologue I'll be hopefully running over this weekend. Unfortunately I cannot digress as I know for a fact that at least one of the potential players visits this site infrequently.

(Yeah, you know who you are "Mr Whitesnake." Oh man, 80's flashback...)


You know, you'd think that a guy on a motorcycle in peak hour traffic would be thinking about keeping safe instead of all this stuff. That's the beauty of two wheels.


Colin Smith said...

WHITESNAKE: (feigns nonchalance) Not me, mate. I ain't lookin'. Dunno what you're talkin' about. (pause) (sotto voce) Shite, he's seen me. Ah, bollocks to this, I'm gonna scarper.

Y'know, you could just change the font colour to black and get your other readers to select the text to read it. Or wander over to the RPG.Net forums to discuss it with a bigger gaming community who might be able to give you good advice. Promise I won't look. No, really.

Leonard King said...

Why would I possibly want to go there and discuss it? I got my shit sorted on this one, no assistance required.

Besides, this was more of a "what was I thinking about on the way into work..." sort of musing rather than a "here's the intricate details of my evil plot..." kind of stream of consciousness.