Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"Liberality For All" - I don't know whether to laugh or cry

I'm just so stunned by this comic I can't think straight, so I'll hand it over to Tom Coates from plasticbag.org.

I'd like to introduce you all to the future of literature for kids - Liberality, an American Neo-Con comic book in the vein of The Authority only this time positing a future America where the government has become "an Orwellian nightmare of ultra-liberalism" and a new super-heroic force of famous mechanically-enhanced right-wingers must take back the country from the United Nations. This epic force of good-doers features (I kid you not) Conservative talk-radio and Fox News strop-monkey Sean Hannity, Watergate enthusiast and friend of Nixon G. Gordon Liddy and Iran-Contra Smuggler and Reaganite Oliver North.

Here's my favourite part of the preview of the comic book, in which the evil new liberal orthodoxy welcomes Osama Bin Laden to the UN to apologise for 9/11 and look forward to a new liberal millennium. What more can I say. Wow.

ACC: A Comic Collective - Liberality For All

From the site:

"Reagan has grown to manhood in an ultra-liberal educational system: being told, not asked, what to think. With personal determination, which alienates him from his contemporaries, he has chosen the path less traveled…the path to the Right."

So an ultra-liberal educational system is somehow one that promotes being told rather than being asked? I'd have thought it was the exact opposite; being given free reign to slack off whilst ensuring that students aren't hurt by nasty competition, just like Snugg's Cove (and yes I'm aware the article's a parody piece).

Those of you who grew up with roleplaying will recognise one of the names on the credits, namely Larry Elmore, perhaps best known for his work on the Dungeons & Dragons chronicles "Dragonlance." Yeah, you heard me. D&D. The same D&D derided throughout conservative politics for the last twenty years. Do these people realise they have a turncoat in their midst!?!

The whole thing's ass-backwards. It's truly frightening!

I weep for the future.

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