Saturday, August 13, 2005

Look at me! I'm a real blog now!!

Finally got my first spam in the comments. Deleted it immediately and hope the people responsible rot for eternity in whatever small place in Hell is reserved for spammers. That said, I have to say that a piece of me was kind of chuffed at the idea that someone thought this was a place that they could actually pull some sort of market share by posting here.

Or maybe just amused at the stupidity of that idea.

Actually no. Anyone who posts spam here must have rocks in their head. Or maybe they're just not very good spammers. Or maybe they're trying to bring down their own small piece of the spamosphere from the inside by wasting their spam quota on a site that averages nine visits a day, each averaging a whopping 1 minute 13 seconds, usually from people randomly clicking through on their way from someone elses' blogger acount...

Now I'm just being stupid.

By the way, if you are just passing through on your way to somewhere with more sex, drama, threats of suicide and pictures of bunny rabbits, hi!

Oh well, back to my assignment. A Requirement Specification for a Web Application worth 20%. As always I'm doing far too much work on it for what it's worth. That said, I learned in first semester what happens if you take the first assignment piece too lightly. Man, I got so gipped on that one. 13 out of 20. Miss out on a 7 by 2%. Way to ruin a perfect GPA. Just because I didn't put tiny replications of the original image tiled through the background as reference. Stupid. That's not what the bloody brief said I had to do.

I'm stalling. Can you tell?

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Colin Smith said...

Oi! Get back to your study, young man! You aren't going to be improving those lagging marks sticking around here.