Friday, September 29, 2006

Internet 2020

Sure, there'll be scientific research posts on the bottom of the ocean in 2020, but what of our beloved intuhweb?

Pew Internet did a quick survey (of course, when I say "quick survey" I mean "extended analytical research") of industry heavyweights to see what the concensus was on where we were headed over the next decade and a half, and this is what they came up with.

The Future of the Internet II - PDF version

or the web site version...

Pew Internet: Future of the Internet

or the video version (courtesy of PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer)...

Survey Finds Benefits, Hurdles in the Internet

“Fear of enslavement by our creations is an old fear, and a literary tritism. But I fear something worse and much more likely – that sometime after 2020 our machines will become intelligent, evolve rapidly, and end up treating us as pets. We can at least take comfort that there is one worse fate – becoming food – that mercifully is highly unlikely.”
Paul Saffo, forecaster and director of The Institute for the Future

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