Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some thoughts on the 50th birthday of Television in Australia

Interesting, but by no means surprising, that we have a situation where the television industry feels it should get together and let us know how long they've been around in this country. I understand the important and relevant role that TV has played in the cultural, economic and social development of Australia over this time, but I find it all a little self-congratulatory that the industry feels compelled to not only get together and slap each other on the back, but to then tell us all how lucky we are to have had them there to guide us.

Or am I just being bitter because I wasn't invited?

It's interesting that the industry feels it needs to do this, but then it's always been based on a limited number of participants that have lived and died by their ability to market themselves and their product. It's what it does, it doesn't know any better. I guess this is one of the main differences between the old media and the new media. TV, radio, newspapers are all based on a limited number of people creating personalities for us to respond to and embrace so they can sell us stuff. Where is new media's Bruce Gyngell, wandering through the wires to proclaim the medium open? Could you imagine that? Tim Berners-Lee posting a YouTube article welcoming us to "teh interweb". Most of the Internet's "celebrities" are not presenters, but rather the fathers and mothers of its creation and I'm not seeing anyone celebrating the birthday of Logie Baird. The Web's an international phenomenon, predominantly American, so I guess we need ZeFrank to mark the official opening (and apologising, Great Prophet Zarquon style, for being a little late) so we can celebrate it 50 years from now.

What a great idea. I deserve a raise.

Interesting to see how the reforms play out through Parliament today. I can't see Barnaby's gripe. As I've already mentioned I like the reforms, but then I live in a city.

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